Questions and Concerns

If you have a question about Plasma Cosmology or the Electric Universe Theory please post it in a comment below.  I will attempt to answer your question or point you to the appropriate resources if I don’t know the answer.  If you have a particular concern about any of the plasma pics on this site please post it in a comment below.  I try to thoroughly research and accurately display all facts, figures and images associated with each of the objects presented on this site.  But sometimes I may miss something or make a mistake.  Please keep in mind that I am not, nor claim to be, a professional astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist or plasma physicist.  I am simply a life-long fan of astronomy and cosmology and, more recently, an ardent student of the plasma universe.  Be sure to check out my other posts,  your feedback is always appreciated.

– Shannon

Questions and ConcernsShannon Sims

2 comments on "Questions and Concerns"

  1. Hi!

    Have you heard of this theory? I guess it really isn’t a theory anymore, or law, it is more a completely different worldview.

    I have been working on it for almost 6 years, which is quite surprising, I thought it would only take me a couple weeks. Turns out a lot more needed to be done.

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